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"I left a high-paying corporate job rooted in status and stability to chase a dream of personal and professional fulfillment. I ended up transforming my career and revitalizing my health and wellbeing. Now, I want to empower others to do the same. It's time to find power in your purpose."

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Tom earned an MBA from the University of Southern California (USC) and a Bachelor of Science in Business from The University of Arizona’s Eller College of Business. He is an active member of SHRM, PIHRA, and the Young Entrepreneurs Council, and a regular Forbes contributor.

During its conception, humans designed work as an act of community. But as we climb the corporate ladder, we begin to interpret work as a catalyst for achievement, acquisitions, and other materialistic gains. It becomes less human and more transactional, leading us down a destructible path of burnout, weight gain and for some divorce. But when we feel empowered, we can realign our career with purpose, heart, and humanity. 

Tom helps people move from corporate roles to roles where leaders can build a life and a start up business successfully. Tom is empowered through his work as Co-founder and CEO of LeggUP, an inclusive people development platform, and as the host of the Talent Empowerment podcast.

Prior to pursuing his own purpose, he worked exclusively in healthcare and insurance markets, delivering results beyond expectations year in and year out, only to find that he was living someone else's dream.

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Tom Finn enjoys discussing preventative mental health, Insurtech, company cultures, and people development. Download his media kit to learn more.

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