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Our guest today is Shana Robinson, a Senior Human Resources Business Partner with a large Fintech organization with numerous years of people operations experience under her having worked for the likes of Blue Apron, Twitter, Google, eBay, and Compass Real Estate, just to name a few! She is also an expert in bringing wellness initiatives into the corporate experience, focusing heavily on helping employees cultivate all facets of emotional and physical intelligence. Her personal mission is to empower individuals and corporations to navigate challenges and transitions through work, life, health, and wellness in an ever-changing world.

Talking Points: 

  • How food and mood are connected, moving Shana from the role of chef to people leader
  • What do you learn in a restaurant that you can bring into the corporate world? 
  • Shana's morning ritual to avoid "FLC"
  • What should you do as an HR leader when starting with a new company?
  • How to best get to know your new colleagues to build trust early on
  • How does data come into play for HR leaders?
  • How to speak the different "languages" or motivating factors of leaders
  • Why the push for "physical wellbeing" in the workplace didn't work
  • Work/life Integration over balance
  • It's time to explore new ways of working
  • Live from a place of "calm and ease" even in stressful situations


Tom Finn
Podcaster & Co-Founder

Tom Finn (he/him) is an InsurTech strategist, host of the Talent Empowerment podcast, and co-founder and CEO of an inclusive people development platform.

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