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Our guest today is Rick Sessinghaus, the swing and mental coach for professional golfer Collin Morikawa, the No.2 ranked golfer in the world.

Rick, a former professional golfer and the mental consultant for the UCLA Men's Golf team, is well-known as a performance coach and mindset principles expert. His book, Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game, has been highlighted in national golf magazines and used by leading golf instructors across the country as the “best resource to improve your mental game.” Rick studied the mental and emotional skills that make or break a performance and quickly realized their need and application in the corporate arena.

Talking Points:

  • Why should HR leaders listen to a golf performance coach?
  • How Rick began coaching Collin Morikawa
  • How mental coaching can reframe your perspective on pressure
  • Cognitive reframing
  • How do we better respond to the fear of failure?
  • How to diminish stress within your team?
  • How do you take a diverse team and pull everyone together effectively?
  • Consistency between values and performance
  • Rick's history as the first professional coach on LeggUP
  • Mental toughness
  • What is a flow state?
  • How to prioritize flow states as an individual, a team, and an organization
  • Where to connect with our guest, Rick Sessinghaus


Find Rick: https://www.ricksessinghaus.com/

Flow Code for Golfers: https://theflowcode.com/golf-academy/

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