Maurice is a passionate people-first leader who firmly believes that human potential is limitless given the right conditions. Currently serving as the Head of People Operations for a leading people success platform, Lattice, Maurice built his professional life around developing and driving people strategies so organizations can truly tap in to the highest levels of employee engagement, retention, and performance. Prior to joining Lattice, Maurice led numerous HR and people teams behind well-known companies such as Facebook, Union Bank, and Electronic Arts. 

Talking Points: 

  • Maurice's journey to the world of HR and passion for people empowerment
  • History and influence of Samoan culture
  • How people of color can struggle with self-advocacy
  • How Maurice began to shift positions to grow into a people function
  • How to leverage data to bring about organizational change
  • How engagement levels can drastically vary when comparing at the company and team level
  • How engagement, compensation, and benefits are changing
  • Intro to Lattice
  • The importance of operations in HR
  • Remote work landscape
  • Culture is happening while you're trying to plan for it


Tom Finn
Podcaster & Co-Founder

Tom Finn (he/him) is an InsurTech strategist, host of the Talent Empowerment podcast, and co-founder and CEO of an inclusive people development platform.

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