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My guest today is Jeremy Ames who is currently the Business & Technology Delivery Senior Manager for Accenture, a Fortune 500 company -$50.53 billion in 2021, delivering human capital management technology services to their many clients. Previously, Jeremy was the VP of HCM Services at Workforce Insight and the founder and CEO of Hive Tech HR, a company servicing the the lifecycle of human resources technology. Here Jeremy became known as the “the HCM Guy,” but has since abandoned that nickname, wanting to be part of the shift away from the “human capital” terminology to “people management.” Today, Jeremy is a go-to resource for many companies and loves to share his knowledge on how people management does, in fact, impact an organizations’ bottom line.

Talking Points: 

  • How do people impact the bottom line? 
  • Jeremy's background as a consultant and becoming an HR thought leader
  • Combining people and technology
  • What are the current trends in employee transformation
  • Supporting for people who are surviving versus thriving
  • How to increase utilization on wellness apps
  • Biggest challenges holding HR back
  • HR and burnout
  • What should HR focus on to retain employees
  • How does the function of HR pivot for the future/5 years from now


Episode Transcript

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Tom Finn

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