My guest today is Evan Falchuk, the chairman and CEO of Family First, a company focused on creating innovative solutions to support families in solving the complex issues involved with caregiving. Prior to Family First, Evan served as President of Best Doctors for 14 years, focusing heavily on the problems surrounding misdiagnosis. Under his leadership, Best Doctors grew from a few million dollars in revenue to more than $200 million, helping over 30 million people around the world. Evan is also a former practicing attorney, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and a former candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in the 2014 elections. 

Talking Points: 

  • Evan's numerous career transitions
  • Evan's unique experience with Best Doctors
  • The mission behind FamilyFirst, a new employee benefit for caregivers
  • How FamilyFirst helps caregivers
  • Helping the sandwich generation
  • How can HR leaders bring in FamilyFirst
  • The powerful combination of coaching & caregiving benefits
  • 3 key responsibilities of a CEO
  • How can mid-level managers address caregiving issues
  • Digital components of FamilyFirst & differentiators from EAPs
  • Future plans for globalization


Tom Finn
Podcaster & Co-Founder

Tom Finn (he/him) is an InsurTech strategist, host of the Talent Empowerment podcast, and co-founder and CEO of an inclusive people development platform.

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