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Today we’re talking with Richard Taylor, the senior vice president of People Experience andDiversity at NASDAQ. Rich offers his unique global perspective on talent empowerment. He also gives tips on how to build and maintain a strong positive culture in your company.

What can you do to lift up and empower your team? What does it mean to have a map at your business? How do you create a safe space and an environment for open communication?

Rich has developed his skills by working as an HR leader for years, at businesses like LinkedIn,Reuters, and several tech startups. He has the ability to transform business cultures by and through talent attraction, enhanced employee experiences, and people development. Richard’s passion lies in trying to ensure that diversity is in the heart of everything he pursues.

Talking Points:

  • What it means to lead People Experience and Diversity at NASDAQ
  • How Rich’s background led to his career in talent empowerment
  • Building a safe space and trust in a company culture
  • The meaning behind a map and how to build a healthy culture
  • Creating a road map and spelling out career paths within your company○Being transparent with compensation
  • The importance of communication within a company
  • The Great Resignation: retention versus resignation
  • Creating a brand around managers that grow and share talent
  • Lifting up and empowering your team in order to create more value for your business

Resources/ Links: 

Richard Taylor, LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richptaylor/

Talent Empowerment Podcast Website: https://www.talentempowerment.com/

LeggUP: https://www.leggup.com/

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