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How do you become a DEI leader? What can we do to be more inclusive? How can you use your imposter syndrome to your benefit?

Today we’re talking with Mariah Driver, who is the head of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Webflow. Mariah is an inspiration and an innovator. She brings her unique perspective and forward-thinking mindset to the table as she answers questions about inclusion, the future ofDEI, and what we can do to take the right steps to move forward.Mariah’s personal mission is to “create a diverse and radically inclusive company that empowers each member of our team because of, not in spite of, their unique identities, backgrounds, and perspectives.”

Mariah creates and executes a diversity and inclusion strategy for Webflow, (the first in its history). This strategy focuses on marginalized groups within the company, and upholds Webflow’s core behaviors while accounting for a globally distributed workforce. She is trained and has done research in social and scientific methods, critical race theory, and organizational psychology.

Talking Points:

  • How Mariah became the head of DEI at an emerging tech company
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • How DEI fits into Webflow now and in the future
  • What Mariah is proud of as a DEI leader
  • Leaders focus on the right thing when mistakes happen
  • An overview of how Mariah started the first DEI system at Webflow
  • Developing affinity groups

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Tom Finn

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