Episode Description

Today's guest is Corky Curtis, the Learning & Development Director of MBK Real Estate Companies, the leading developer and investor in senior living communities, multi-family residents, and industrial real estate. Prior to joining the MBK team, Corky served in the US Army for more than 20 years, eventually retiring as a Senior Training Manager. He is an experienced people leader specializing in organizational development, recruitment, and operational planning with a passion for finding innovative ways to keep his team motivated and engaged. 

Talking Points:

  • Corky's personal story and Army background
  • What do you do after retiring from a long military career?
  • Authentic Leadership Theory
  • Guarding your calendar as a leader and maintaining "doorway conversations"
  • How to communicate with the new generation of workers
  • Training leaders on how to give feedback
  • Corky's experience working with LeggUP to address burnout
  • Leadership development
  • Learning from mistakes and leaning into your personal strengths as a leader


Episode Transcript

Tom Finn

Tom Finn

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